About Us

Global Capital TCI is a non-deposit taking financial institution that provides an array of lending services to everyday people who need fast and seamless loan application processes which traditional banks fail to provide. We pride ourselves in offering "hassle-free" loan processing with an unbelievably fast turnaround, just see what our clients are saying.

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Our Story


The company was created to offer micro loans to clients who needed funding in the fastest, most efficient manner under the traditional “payday” lending services. Ever since, the company has consistently served the entire Turks and Caicos market with integrity and excellent Service, whilst maintaining its fundamental premise to help people help themselves. 

While Global Capital caters to all and sundry, its main client base is the Turks and Caicos Islands civil servants with approximately 25% of the 10,000 plus TCI employed workforce. Initially, this segment of the portfolio was the catalysts toward building a sustainable business model, in that 100% of loans granted to civil servants are accompanied by an agreed payment assignment.

After almost four years in operations, the company continues to provide excellent service to several thousand residents of the islands.

The company is now at a dispensation in product expansion, whereby it will soon be offering debit cards to its clients, aimed at bringing greater rewards and benefits through lifestyle spending.  

As part of the company’s sustainability platform, in April 2019, the company held a soft launched of its New Business Expansion program, whereby focus will be on acquiring new business.

Global Capital was the brainchild of Victor A. Lowe, a native of Jamaica, philanthropist, innovative entrepreneur, business development consultant, food scientist and economic development advisor, scholastic advisor who recognized the need for greater access to capital to the unbanked and SMEs in the Turks and Caicos marketplace. The company was initially branded as TCIPayDay Loans when  launched in 2015 on the island of Providenciales and was later rebranded to Global Capital Ltd.


Our Vision

To continue to build a sustainable operation driven by integrity, honesty and respect for our clients. To remain true to the promise of helping people help themselves by offering fast and efficient access to capital. Our philosophy is to provide micro medium financial solutions to everyday people.